Teacher Gift – Best Teacher in the World

I feel really lucky because for the most part (except for ONE first grade teacher) my kids have always had great teachers.  Teaching is so hard, and putting up with our little darlings day in and day out has got to be so dang exhausting!  Celebrate your teacher and show your appreciation with this easy to make teacher gift.

With Teachers Appreciation Week next week I wanted to get something for my daughter’s teacher that she could help me make, and something that her teacher would appreciate!  I work down at the school a lot, and so I’ve talked with many of the teachers down there and they honestly ALL said they like things made by the kids.  How cute are they?

So we went to the craft store and bought this sheet of stickers and this globe was from Tai Pan, but I’ve seen globes everywhere, from Target to Hobby Lobby.

Then I just had my daughter stick the letters and the globe and there you have it!  An easy, cheap and thoughtful gift to let your child’s teacher know how much you appreciate her.
Have you made a cute project for Teacher Appreciation Day?  We would LOVE to see it!  Tag us on instagram with #sparklerscelebrate to share what you’ll be giving to the wonderful teachers in your life!

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