The Sweet-Me Project – A journaling workshop

We are so excited to FINALLY introduce The Sweet-Me Project. It’s a journaling workshop created by Sparklers Magazine founder, Heather. We are so passionate about helping others to share their gratitude, and this workshop will help you to live and love with gratitude and celebration!Sweet-Me Project journal

The Sweet-Me Project is a 12 course workshop, designed as a printable journal.  Each course has a weekly focus word and challenge that you will print off on yardstick.  Once you print off the months weekly journaling worksheets, add them to your personal journal or planner, or you could start a new one just for this project.

Live and Love with Gratitude and Celebration!

The first course is available for purchase now HERE!

Each course includes 4 printable weekly worksheets.  1 printable motivational desktop quote.  Weekly newsletters delivered to your inbox to help inspire you and keep you going.  An invite to a private Facebook group to share ideas, encouragement and friendship, and two monthly live video sessions for tutorials, questions and inspiration.

This course has been a dream of mine for YEARS!  I created Sweet-Me after struggling to find joy and purpose in my life after a heartbreaking loss.  I began to be authentically happy and excited about life as I challenged myself with these weekly prompts.  After a lot of encouragement from my loved ones, I decided to format my journals in a way so that I could share them with others.  I invite all of you to join The Sweet-Me Project and rediscover what makes you excited about life again.  I wanted this to be easy and affordable for EVERYONE, so I am only charging $4.99 per course.  That’s about the same price as your daily soda and cookie habit!  I’m really excited about this, and I’m so excited to meet you and to create this community of women trying to better their lives and the lives of others, TOGETHER!


Love, Heather


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