Enjoy Winter Weather – 10 ways to embrace winter

I don’t love being cold, but I LOVE living in Utah. So every winter I grin and bare it during the cold winter months. I don’t mind the cold in December. Actually I love the snow for Christmas!  But come the middle of January (now) I’m kind of over it. I get the January blues, and this year has been especially cold and blah for me. I get unmotivated and lazy. Today was actually the first day in like a week I washed my hair! So I came up with this list to help me enjoy winter weather with grace and gratitudeenjoy winter weather

10 Ways to Enjoy Winter Weather

  1. 1.  Get cozy.  My first year in Utah I was miserable because I didn’t have the right kind of clothes.  Now I layer up in chunky cozy sweaters, snuggly slippers, thick and chunky socks, gloves, mittens, hats.  Get cozy and stay warm.
  2. 2.  Set the mood.  Invite snuggle time into your home.  Light a fire.  Invest in some warm throw blankets.  Have lots and lots of candles.  Change your lightbulbs to a lower wattage.  Make your home inviting and warm.

3.  Do you want to build a snowman?  The snow won’t last forever, so you may as well enjoy it.  Get out and build a snowman.  Go sledding.  Learn to ski.  You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy winter weather.  Start a snowball fight!

4.  Hot Cocoa!!  Nothing warms my heart more than sitting in my living room with my family and sipping on some cocoa.  We discuss our day, laugh and warm up.  We like coming up with new things to add to the cocoa to make it extra yummy.

“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” Anton Chekhov

5. Host a Game Night.  When it gets cold outside it’s easy to want to just be a shut in until the sun comes back out.  So host a game night and enjoy those cold nights in.  We try to have friends over at least once a month in the winter months and it really helps to keep the winter blues at bay.

6.  Make Cinnamon Rolls.  Or whatever yummy treat your family loves.  Serving family and friends with warm and yummy treats is an easy way to show you care.

7.  Start a Gratitude Journal.  January is the perfect month to start a gratitude journal.  Take a few moments everyday to write out your blessings.  This is especially helpful if you tend to get depressed during the winter months.  Reflecting on your gratitude helps even the coldest days a little warmer. (Read here on keeping a journal with The Sweet-Me Project)

8.  Read a Good Book.  Everything slows down a little in the winter, so take advantage and curl up with a good book.  Maybe even start a book club with your friends to keep up with the social scene too.

9.  Get your craft on.  Being indoors all winter does have some perks.  Get out all of those projects you started last year and finish them.  Take an afternoon to redecorate, quilt, scrapbook.  Get creative with your time indoors.

10.  Get some fresh Air.  Take advantage of the days it’s not actually rainy or snowy. Get out and enjoy winter weather with a morning walk or an evening stroll through  the neighborhood.  Bundle up and enjoy the bright, crisp sunsets.  It’s good for the soul.



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