20 Amazing Fall Date Ideas

  1. I have always loved this time of year and October is such a romantic and cozy month.  This Fall try some of these amazing fall date ideas.  Celebrate your love by taking advantage of the season.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
L.M. Montgomery,

1. Have a Scary movie marathon

  1. 2. Grab some hot chocolate a cute little cafe.
  2. 3. Go for a scenic bike ride.
  3. 4. Visit a local farmers market.
  4. 5. Go to a costume shop and have a fun fashion show.
  5. 6. Cuddle by the fire and read old letters from each other.
  6. 7. Rake some leaves, play in them, and then rake them up again.
  7. 8. Have a bonfire party with some other couples
  8. 9. Go to a Haunted House
  9. 10. Drink hot cider on the porch
  10. 11. Have a Netflix marathon on a rainy day
  11. 12. Go for a Sunday drive and enjoy the changing leaves
  12. 13. Visit a Pumpkin Patch
  13. 14. Go on a picnic in the country
  14. 15. Go horseback riding
  15. 16. Go to a local football game
  16. 17. Carve pumpkin together
  17. 18. Go on a hayride
  18. 19. Go apple picking
  19. 20. Stargaze in the yard together

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