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​​Celebrate You    Celebrate Each Other    Celebrate Life

Embrace who you are

and have fun with style

options.  We have style

inspiration for everyone.

Dinnertime should 

be a time of family 

bonding.  We want

to inspire your meals

with new recipes.

Celebrate your life.

We have lots of ideas 

to have fun and make

even the little things

something special.


August/September Issue of Sparklers

Back To School 

How to wear a white t-shirt

How to be a happier Mom

Celebrate your home

Backyard Bonfire

50 Date Nights

3 Home DIY's

Decorating with flowers

10 weeknight crock-pot recipes

Celebrate Friendship

Spark Creativity, Share love, Celebrate life.

and much, much more!

Your home should

express your love for 

your family.  We share

ideas to help you make 

a house a home.

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Sparklers Magazine is a labor of love co-created by a trio team - Daughters Heather & Hollie, and their Mom - Claudia.  Sparklers was the vision of founder Heather, Who after a life changing experience lost her spark and found it hard to find joy.  Through her faith, along with the love and support of family and friends she realized she had so much to be grateful for.  She wanted to fulfill a promise she made to her sweet daughter, Aria, to live a happy and grateful life.

We realized that most women have experienced something that has caused them to struggle with feelings of self-doubt or feeling inadequate.  Of having gone through something that has caused them to lose their spark and felt lost in their journey.  We wanted to find a way to help motivate and empower women to find their spark and live life with purpose and passion.  To build a community that would uplift and encourage women to live a joyful life.  Create a gather place where women of all ages could come together and share their ideas, talents, strengths successes and struggles.  A community that would spark creativity and compassion, not competition  Sparklers is dedicated to enriching the lives of women by helping them develop a positive attitude of self-worth.  Sparklers Magazine is about Celebrating You.  Celebrating Each Other.  Celebrating Life.

"Purpose is the reason you journey.  Passion is the fire that lights your way."

With Purpose and Passion,

Heather, Hollie & Claudia





Live life to the fullest.  

Set goals, learn something

new, serve others.  We

love sharing your motivational stories. 

Sparklers Magazine

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